Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Making the Most of you Community Part 1

 This is the first searies I've ever considered.  I've been thinking about it for a while.  First of all I have to mention that we don't have a big income.  Think one part-time job income.  Yep that is what we live on.  I would not trade it for anything.  Expecially since we have been with out jobs for 3 years!!  We have lived with my parents for our entire marriage.  My father has been disabled for the last 6 years and 2 years ago my mother was fired, and it took her a year to find a new job.

4 adults no income. All home.  OH MY!  Talk about stress! 

This all brings me to my topic making the most of YOUR community.  In the year that all of us were home I had to find other ways to supplement the little income that we had.  The next few posts are about finding the amazing ways to save money in your community.  They will not work everywhere, some of them might not work for you.  I found all of these places slowly, but I found them.  I still use them, why not?  They are a great way to add to our house. 

Thank goodness I already knew how to garden, but our soil is almost pure clay.  I needed some manure, but didn't have any money.  The neighbors went on vacation, and said that I could take as much horse manure as I wanted.  hmmmmmm.  I cleaned out the poo pile for a few hours.  The garden took off!  My plants doubled!  I was ecstatic, and sad.  I had cleaned out the pen.  Whats a girl to do?  Call a family friend that rescues horses.  So here is Zane.  This year I cleaned out his pin, while he was in the pasture.  I helped a non-profit organization, and I was able to keep the manure.  The manure will sit, covered till next spring.  Then I will work it into the garden, and the plants will grow big and bushy.  One bag of 2 cubic foot Miricle Grow is almost $9 in my area.  I filled 6 bags worth for free.   
I saved $54 and I plan on going back for more!

 Plus we always have fun.  There are rabbits, goats, chickens, a cat, a dog, and we found a snake! The most exotic animal is the wallaby, we love sitting the the swing watching the wallaby.  Christopher even gets to help groom the miniature ponies.  So for a little work, we get to have an amazing day and all of the free manure I can load.  What a deal! 

I hope this has inspired you to find the freebies in your community.  Come back tomorrow I'll have another freebie post for you!

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