Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Making the Most of Your Community Part 2

Part 2
So yesterday I talked about getting free horse manure, and having a fun time.  Right?  Yes!  Today I'll share my dirty little secret.  A blackberry patch.  I pick about 5 gallons of blackberries a year for free.  
Total savings:
Yep if I did the math right I save $2560 per year just by picking blackberries.  $8 per pint, 2 pints to a quart, 4 quarts to a gallon and I pick about 5 gallons per year.  Whats the secret?  I asked to go pick them.  What to the owners get in return?  A jar out of every batch of blackberries I can.  So far this year they have received a jar of Blackberry Pie Filling, a jar of Blackberry Jam and a jar of Blackberry Jelly.  How did I find it?  Someone asked, on facebook in a community group, if anyone had any blackberries to pick.  I followed the conversation and asked if I could pick as well.  I have since become friends with the owners of the blackberry patch.  We helped clean up and destroy their house when it caught on fire.  I have helped them make cute kitchen towels for their new kitchen.  Its a wonderful relationship.  Today's lesson: Ask!  The worst you could hear is no.  The best answer yes, and you make new friends. 
Blackberry Jam from free blackberries.

Tomorrow?  Another freebie you wouldn't expect. 

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