Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Goods on Household Goods

I am an overstocker.  I read 50 lbs of wheat per person and I over do it.  I read a sewing pattern it says 3 yards and I buy 6 yards.  Its just who I am.  I go overboard on EVERYTHING.  It is a huge personality flaw, but it does come in handy.  So where am I going with this.  I have overstocked on household goods.  I have found that there are three categories in house hold goods when thinking about preparedness.
#1 Things that will never go bad.
#2 Things that have experation dates that are still good after they "expire"
#3 Things that expire on their expiration dates. 

#1 Things that never go bad.
Think paper products.
These could be stored in a shed that is not temperature controlled and should be just fine. 
Paper Towels
Paper Plates
Toilet Paper
Cotton Balls
Pads and Tampons
Wax Paper
Aluminum Foil
There are products that will deteriorate if not temperature controlled but will last forever if stored inside.
(Under a bed is the perfect place)
Plastic Silverware
Plastic Cups
Hair Ties

#2 Things that have a expiration date that stay good after they "expire"
Toothpaste~ I'm currently using a tube that expired 8 months ago
Lotion~The lotion will thin out a bit but will still be good.  Currently using lotion that I bought 5 years ago.
Body Wash~ Yep 5 years old and still smells amazing, and cleans me.
Hand Soap~ Once again 5 years old and still working.
Dish Soap
Cleaning Products~Ours aren't 5 years old, but I do know they are expired.
Medicines~ I find that medicines in pill form last much longer then their liquid counterparts. 

#3 Things that expire on their expiration dates
Deodorant~ I'm trying to use up a stick that expired a year ago.  I'm not a smelly person, but it just doesn't keep the smell away.

There really are not a multitude of products that expire on their expiration dates, but trust me deodorant is one of them.

There are a few down sides to stocking up.  If you live in a flood zone, find some way to protect your paper products.  Having a year supply of toilet paper won't do you any good if it happens to become soggy.  Another down side is not being able to stay current on your body wash or lotion. Working at a mall specialty store, I've found that they like to come out with a scent for only 3 months and then discontinue it.  One of the con's of stocking up is that you might not be able to "keep up with the Smith's" so to speak.