Friday, August 9, 2013

Baby Quail!

We never get tired of hatching eggs around here.  I often ask a friend if I can hatch chicken eggs for her.  We bough some quail with the intentions of hatching eggs and butchering them for the meat.  It just happens that after I set these eggs that my breeding stock got loose.  These little ones will become my breeding stock and will hopefully produce quality offspring for us to butcher.  I have found that home grown meat is much tastier then the meat at the store. 

This little one will hopefully like getting its picture taken soon. 

I just can't resist taking baby pictures!

Size comparison!  These little ones are tiny, and will start laying in 6-8 weeks.  That is 12-14 weeks sooner then a chicken will start laying. 

Little guy ♥s holding the little ones.  I won't have to worry about these quail being skittish! 

I hope you will check back on the growth of the quail! 

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