Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Game Plan: Alas, Babylon

Yesterday I wrote a post on the 27 things I learned from Alas, Babylon.  Today I'm going to share what I have done with that knowledge.  I understand everyone's position is different.  I also well know the burden of living paycheck to paycheck.  Even worse still, I know how it is to live with no paycheck.  So do what you can.  If you have nothing but a desire to start prepping and storing things away you are on the right track! 

So here we go! 

1. Even tho banks will fail, we still depend on Fiat Money(paper money).  So keep your bank account!  On the flip side, keep a nice stash of cash on hand.  Stores will take cash for a while.  As a back up keep bartering items on hand.  There are some great lists on Pintrest!  Some of my top bartering items:
Diapers (Just what my little never used.)
Extra clothes
Canned Food
These are going to be high priory items.  Other items to consider are coffee, achocal, and tobacco products.  We don't use any of these, but when those that are addicted run out of them you should be able to trade for what you need.

2. Have a year supply.  The book only goes for a year, but the end is written so that they stay longer.  Food supplies are amazing and can last for 30 years if well stored.  A few side notes from the book that I needed to add are:
More salt!
A way to hunt with out ammo
Not relying on the freezer
Making sure there is enough food for everyone for a year, and that everyone gets at least 1,500 calories a day

3. Stick to a routine!  I'm not a routine kinda gal. (You can tell right?)  So we are going to come up with a few routines that will be relaxing should anything ever happen.  That way should something happen there will be a relaxing, soothing, normalcy in a hectic time.

4. Stock up on Medicine and learn how to heal illness naturally.  This one kinda goes with having a year supply, but kinda doesn't.  Most medicines keep longer then the expiration date implies.  I've taken out of date medicine and have had no ill side affects.  Solid pills keep the longest.  If a liquid medicine seperates its time to throw it away.  How ever I've started looking into Essential Oils, Herbs and other natural remedies. 

5. Find your community.  Do you live amongst family or in the middle of strangers?  I know a few of our neighbors but not all of them.  Get to know your neighbors and make friends with them.  They are the ones that are either going to help you or kill you for your food.

Most of the other points were great reminders of what could happen.  These 5 points are what I know I need to work on, and I thought would be the most beneficial to bring up for others.  Happy Prepping~


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