Monday, February 3, 2014

Football Cupcakes~ Broncos Jello Buttons

I should have named my blog A Day Late and A Dollar Short!  I was baking our pizza yesterday and kept thinking of great snacks for the game.  I have to tell you that in our house we are Raven's fans, but since we live in Bronco's county I thought we would go blue and orange for our game day snacks. 

First we have football cupcakes. 
 I took a plain yellow cake mix and added blue food coloring.

Bake according to the package.

Let cool.
Frost with Chocolate Frosting.
Add White Frosting for the lacing on the football.


The best part is that little ones can help you get ready for the party.  My little helped me decorate and take pictures for you! 

On to the Broncos Jello Buttons.  You can substitute different flavors of jello and fruit for your favorite team.

Jello Buttons
2/3 c boiling water
3oz box of gelatin
fruit (I used cuties)
Egg Mold

Oil egg mold. 
 Peel tangerine, and place 3 segments into each egg cavity.

Boil water.  Combine with gelatin, stir for 2 minutes.

 Poor over fruit. 

Let sit up in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours.
To get buttons out of the mold: Take a spoon and carefully slide it around the mold till the gelatin releases.

This is a great snack and doesn't have to be made for a big game. 

The recipe only makes 6 Buttons!  If you are making this for a party you will need to make several batches or have more then one mold. 

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