Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sowing Kale

***Warning: This is how I sow my garden. This method may or may not work for you. I am NOT saying that any other way is wrong. This is what works for ME. I am providing this information so that others can have a starting point for their garden. I do not guarantee that this will work or that you plants will grow.***

Once again I started out by digging a ditch.

I measued out 2 feet and made several marks and then connected them.  This is my amazing helper!  He had is own tape measure. 

I know it just looks like two lines again.  Its what I did next that makes it different. 

I started at the end by the fence post then marked every 2 feet.  The kale is planted in the corners of each square.  Since kale needs to be so far apart I did drop about 2-3 seeds in each corner, but nothing inbetween.  No thinning needed, unless more then one seed sprouts.
Here it is all planted.
And  now watered.  I noticed that I didn't water this spot as well as I should have.  There is always tomarrow to fix that.
Happy Gardening!

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